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Access Requirements Form

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We want Underneath the Stars Festival to be as accessible as possible. To do this, we have teamed up with Moira Fitzsimmons-Holling DipCOT  to make sure we cater for our entire audience and remove barriers to access wherever possible. If you have any questions or queries (concerns too!) about access at Underneath the Stars send Moira an email at

  • All information provided by Underneath the Stars is available in alternate formats, please get in touch with Moira (see above) and he will arrange this.

  • We run the festival on a green-field site which is a working dairy farm. The ground is uneven and mostly cut grass and some areas have uneven  roadway and track.  [Detailed site description in production, any specific questions please get in touch with Moira]

  • We offer free Personal Assistant (PA) Tickets for Underneath the Stars Festival. You are eligible automatically for these if you can provide:

    • Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate required)

    • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate required)

    • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)

    • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

Car parking space (situated close to performance venues) is reserved for Blue Badge holders. Please book a space on the Access Requirements Form

We have an accessible camping area which is situated close to the facilities and the main festival site. Please book a space on the Access Requirements Form.

Stewards are positioned throughout the festival site and will assist where they can if necessary. All stewards will receive training on diversity and inclusion, with a focus on how barriers to access affect festival audiences. Moira will be onsite throughout the festival to resolve any issues, or go through any concerns.
Accessible toilets will be available throughout the site, and clearly signed.
Access Dogs are welcome on site. Water bowls can be provided and signposted. Please get in touch for further information.

Strobe lighting may be used as part of some performances. This will be made clear in the programme, signposted on the entrance to the venue concerned as well as announced in the minutes before the performance begins.
Before the Festival, and during it, it’s Moira’s job to take access seriously. Because by taking access seriously, we build a festival for more people. And we remove barriers for more people. Underneath the Stars is about great music, arts and food – for everyone.

Please use this form to tell us about your access requirements, book on-site facilities or request a Personal Assistant Ticket. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with Moira at

Any barrier to you or your family having an amazing weekend is one that we want to hear about, tell us your suggestions and tell us your concerns. Moira is available right up until the festival site opens, and will be on site throughout. Any doubts, just ask.

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