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Panic Circus


Panic Circus is now a cherished staple of our jubilant celebration, weaving joy and wonder into the fabric of our event. With their unique blend of family-centered entertainment and skillful instruction, they had become synonymous with laughter and learning, captivating audiences of all ages.

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At the heart of Panic Circus's ethos lay a commitment to nurturing confidence and fine motor skills in children through the magical world of circus arts. From juggling to tightrope walking, acrobatics to clowning, every skill offers an opportunity for children to explore their potential and build self-assurance in a supportive environment.

Throughout the weekend, the festival grounds will reverberat with laughter and applause as Panic Circus dazzles spectators with their awe-inspiring performances. Whether it is the daring trapeze act or the whimsical antics of the clown troupe, each spectacle will showcase the boundless creativity and camaraderie that defines Panic Circus's spirit.


With hearts full and spirits soaring, families will depart, carrying with them cherished memories and newfound confidence, courtesy of Panic Circus's triumphant return to Underneath the Stars festival.

There are plenty of family activities taking place over the weekend. Click here to find out what else is happening.

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