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Kate Rusby

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Day: Friday

Forever proud to call herself a folk singer, Kate Rusby’s vocals never fail to connect the heart of a song to that of her audience. The crossover appeal Kate enjoys is unprecedented for a folk singer and has been achieved without resort to compromise. Aged just 26, Kate was named as one of the Top Ten Folk Voices of the Century and became known as ‘The Barnsley Nightingale’. From being a 1999 Mercury Prize Winner, almost unheard of for a folk singer, to her recent albums Kate has stayed true to her folk roots,  whilst a more contemporary production style has gained her many new fans. Kate continues to consistently fills theatres and illustrate why she has recently been hailed ‘Folk Royalty’.  Her 2020 cover album Hand Me Down was her highest-charting album to date at #12 in the UK Official Albums Charts. Measures of the respect in which she is held included being a Freeman of the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley and three University Doctorates. Kate’s proud, Yorkshire roots contribute to her wonderful and warm stage presence. Since we last gathered at UTSf, Kate celebrated her 50th year on this planet, her 7th Christmas album and 32 years of recordings.

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