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The Hunch

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Day: Saturday


Comprising Mick Doonan, Bob Thomas, Chris Hanks and Tony Bacon, Yorkshire based The Hunch are four folk musicians at the top of their game with years of live experience. With talent in great measure, they showcase their creativity & technical brilliance in every song. Intriguingly crafted classics and soul searching ballads shine with four-part harmonies and instrumental virtuosity, all introduced with dry wit and audacious humour. Mick Doonan was a founder member of the legendary 70s folk-rock band Hedgehog Pie and comes from a famous Tyneside dynasty. Michael also fronts The Mighty Doonan’s folk-rock band. In The Hunch he provides vocals as well as flutes and pipes. Bob Thomas who fronted another highly respected folk-rock outfit, Kitsyke is now singing, playing percussion and harmonica with The Hunch. Alongside these two are the stunning acoustic guitarist/vocalist Chris Hanks and keyboards/accordionist/vocalist Tony Bacon, both alumni of West Yorkshire’s thriving roots scene.

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