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The Feeling

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Day: Saturday


Multi-platinum selling band The Feeling, are a group that have existed in one form or another since they were teenagers. Five albums in ten years yielded a string of radio classics such as Sewn, Never Be Lonely, Without You, I Thought It Was Over and Fill My Little World. Their debut album Twelve Stops Then Home went to #2 in the album charts, whilst the follow up Join with Us went right to the top. Their status was cemented by celebratory live shows that earned them an intensely loyal fan base. Following the back to back-to-basics power pop of their eponymous fifth album in 2016, they went into a hiatus. And yet, like one of those phone calls where you keep saying goodbye, but neither party wants to put the phone down, The Feeling just couldn’t quite bring themselves to end it. They returned in 2022 with a new album and are currently celebrating nearly 20 years of releasing records, and even more together as a band. San Vito is their seventh studio album and due to be released in April and they will be out on the road playing their hits.

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