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Suntou Susso

Suntou Susso.jpg

Day: Saturday


Suntou Susso, who will be performing with his quartet, is a multi-instrumentalist, Kora player, percussionist, singer and composer from The Gambia. Born a Griot in a 700-year old tradition, the kora, a harp-lute with 22 strings is unique to the Griots of the Mandinka people. Griots have a unique societal role as oral historians, transmitting and preserving a people's culture through the generations in song, music and poetry. Suntou's family includes some of the world's most well-respected West African musicians. His musical abilities are outstanding, perhaps unique for his generation. An in-demand and charismatic performer, he has performed at leadings UK festivals such as WOMAD and Hay and in The Gambia, has a huge fan base and has released successful singles and videos which continue to receive daily exposure on national TV and radio. He also runs fun and engaging drumming and Kora workshops in schools, colleges and universities to pass his knowledge on to the next generation.

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