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Rumba de Bodas

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Day: Saturday

Since its inception in 2008, Rumba de Bodas has emerged as the heartbeat of the global dance scene. They feature the boundless spirit of seven individuals hailing from Bologna, Italy, led by the powerful vocals of Rachel Doe and united by a profound love for music and adventure. This ensemble has seamlessly woven together the vibrant threads of ska, funk, Latin, and Afro rhythms into a harmonious blend that reverberates on every stage it graces. Renowned for metamorphosing each performance into an extravagant celebration, Rumba de Bodas has indelibly etched its name into the hearts of audiences across Italy and beyond. Their sonic exploration has seen six successful albums between 2012 and 2022, the most recent entitled Krabu. Don't miss the chance to join the global party with Rumba de Bodas! Their Afro-Latin funk fusion promises an unforgettable experience, where rhythm and joy converge.

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