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Gary Stewart’s Graceland

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Day: Sunday


Formed to play UTSf in 2016, Gary Stewart’s Graceland faithfully recreate the energy and soul of Paul Simon’s landmark album in all its glory. Led by the legendary Leeds-based troubadour Gary Stewart, from Hope and Social, he is back by his incredible 6-piece band. Expect to hear those magical songs, with their captivating stories, distinctive harmonies and South African rhythms brought to life in front of you with no detail spared; from the layers of guitars and percussion, right down to the legendary bass solos and maybe even some token dance moves – if you’re lucky! Let the singing, dancing and nostalgia take hold and pretend you’re basking under the hot summer sun in Zimbabwe. One of the most fondly remembered Underneath the Stars performances and subsequently a hit at many other festivals, we’re delighted to welcome the band back to where their successful journey first began.

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