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Day: Friday

Folk songwriter Beans on Toast writes simple songs that tackle big issues. A festival favourite and a prolific writer and performer, he’s written and recorded 16 albums and probably played every bar, club, venue, and festival you could think of. He’s a hippy, a punk, a poet, a drunk, a die-hard romantic and an eternal optimist. Indeed his D.I.Y. approach, self-deprecating style and contemporary concerns have made him a cult figure. Expect political protest songs for the modern-day, honest and open love songs; songs that will make you laugh, but also make you think. Beans has also released two highly acclaimed books, Drunk Folks Stories (2018) and Foolhardy Folk Tales (2021); both collections of tour stories, festival high jinks and insights into the life of the musician. Most recently, Beans has released 10 children’s books which each accompany a track from his 15th Album, The Fascinating Adventures of Little Bee. 

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